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Embroidered Mesh Topper

Embroidered Mesh Topper
Embroidered Mesh Topper
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Designer: Evidence
Product Description

This beautiful mesh topper is accented with an all over stipple embroidery. With no lapel, long sleeves and stopping mid-thigh, it is an elegant piece to finish off that dressed up outfit for the Christmas party this year. The mesh fabric breathes extremely well keeping you cool in those rooms that get so hot with so many people around.


FUN FACT - A "topper" is a top similar to a cardigan or jacket with no zipper or buttons. It is designed to be worn over another top or dress to add sleeves, colour, or structure to an outfit. It is lighter than a jacket or sweater but, due to the fabric usually being see through, needs to be worn on top of something else, hence the name "topper".

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